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I am sure there are times you wish you could walk down the hall and confer with a colleague over a case like you did while in training. Well, now you can. We established Bayou City Mobile Veterinary Specialists to empower primary care practitioners to do more for their patients – right at their own clinic. As a mobile service, we can help you bridge the gap for those patients who need the expertise and advanced diagnostic capabilities of an internal medicine specialist, to get at the root cause of a problem – and then resolve it - without having to send them elsewhere.

When requested, we simply come in as your team member, to support you by providing the clinical care your patient needs. As the primary care veterinarian, you schedule the service, handle the billing, communicate with your client, and guide them to make the best decisions for their pet. You remain entirely in control of each case and utilize our expertise as desired.

Wondering if your patient is a good candidate for our services? Click here to learn more about what we do – and don’t - treat.

Easy, Convenient, Efficient, Profitable

We’ll help you prepare your client and patient for our visit. Appointments can be scheduled promptly, reducing anxiety and getting to answers sooner. The consultation and subsequent diagnostics and/or treatment is all done right at your clinic. Managing the case in-house not only serves the patient but empowers your practice too.

Our goal is to be a service your practice offers, with sensitivity, thoroughness, and most of all, solutions. Schedule your patient’s consultation today.

If you are a pet owner, please contact your veterinarian to see if your pet would benefit from our services. We only work directly with veterinarians and schedule appointments only through veterinary practices. 

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